Who We Are

Since 2015, AxleHire has worked to eliminate the difficult choice brands have always had to make—ship it slow at an affordable cost or ship it fast and ask customers to pay a premium. AxleHire offers an Amazon-like delivery experience to all brands, regardless of where or how they sell their products. With AxleHire, eCommerce sellers can have next- and same-day delivery speed at close-to-ground rates.

AxleHire has disrupted and transformed the industry by providing a tech platform built from the ground up, with a focus on providing the most efficient and sustainable deliveries possible while giving clients and their end customers a superior delivery experience. In doing so, AxleHire enables clients to personalize the delivery experience with branded tracking and custom messaging. Our technology and asset-light model uniquely allows us to easily scale for surge capacity or onboarding new business in a fraction of the time it takes with legacy carriers.

We believe that efficient last-mile logistics is a key component of future brand growth and supporting a more sustainable world. Our entire team, from senior management to our service reps and dispatchers, to our dedicated team of warehouse workers, to our gig fleet of drivers, are all committed to doing whatever is necessary to get the right package to the right doorstep at the right time, every time.

Inspired to come alongside AxleHire as an investor in its early days, Adam Bryant has taken his enthusiasm for AxleHire’s unique asset-light, tech-forward business model to the next level, joining the company as CEO in 2020. Adam’s vision is to reinvent last-mile delivery, leveraging technology to build a better and more sustainable delivery experience for consumers, drivers, and eCommerce sellers.


How We Got Here

Working in his family’s regional delivery business in Southern California, AxleHire’s founder saw first-hand that traditional delivery wasn’t working, and that legacy processes wouldn’t easily scale to meet the coming demands of eCommerce urban, residential deliveries. He became convinced that technology and a more flexible operating model could drive a more effective and efficient way to move packages from online sellers to residential customers. Thus, in 2015, AxleHire was born.

AxleHire cut its teeth doing one of the toughest jobs in the logistics business, delivering meal kits, where the need for speed and accuracy is multiplied due to the perishable nature of the product. Within a few years, AxleHire had won the trust of most of the leading U.S. meal kit companies, including HelloFresh, Freshy, and Every Plate. Building from its success in the meal kit space, AxleHire set its sights on eCommerce where traditional carriers are struggling to meet growing demands for on-time delivery and personalized customer service. Today, retail brands like American Eagle and logistics providers like ShipHero and XDelivery trust AxleHire to consistently exceed customer expectations.

Committed to Sustainability

It’s not just about the future


The logistics industry as a whole is committed to a more sustainable future. AxleHire shares that commitment, and has developed technology and an operating model that is making sustainability a reality today.

AxleHire’s approach to sustainable delivery is based on two principles.

Break bulk as close to the end-delivery point as possible. Packages traveling in bulk (on a semi truck) create less CO2 per package mile than the same package on a delivery vehicle. We accomplish this by positioning small hubs (micro hubs) closer to the final delivery point than traditional centralized sortation centers.


Drive higher utilization of the delivery vehicle. Our proprietary technology allows us to aggregate packages into dense delivery routes and then match the load to the right-sized vehicle based on available capacity. The end result is less time on the road and reduced CO2 emissions per package.

Our approach is vehicle agnostic—As new and more carbon neutral vehicles become available (electric bikes, autonomous robots, EVs, etc.), they can be introduced seamlessly into our fleet.


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