A Modern-Day Shipper's Challenges And Solutions

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Nov 11, 2021

A Modern-Day Shipper's Challenges And Solutions

The pandemic changed the shopping habits of millions of Americans, and in the process, stretched the logistics industry to a near breaking point. While the pandemic is now behind us, those new shopping patterns have remained. Global e-commerce now exceeds $4 trillion annually, with the U.S. accounting for over $1 trillion of that global total.

This rapid, sustained growth has created challenges from capacity to technology integration to workforce availability and productivity across the logistics industry. Logistics companies have scrambled to expand capacity, and a host of tech-enabled newcomers have entered the field in last-mile delivery. Consumers are demanding more reliable, more sustainable, and faster levels of delivery service at lower costs. Shippers are looking to shift their last-mile strategies and diversify their carrier mix to improve service levels for their customers. 



AxleHire CEO Adam Bryant shares his thoughts on challenges facing the logistics industry due to the rapid growth of e-commerce and the growing demands of consumers, along with some potential solutions for shippers in a recent article for Forbes

Analysts expect e-commerce growth to continue mostly unabated at least through 2025, with market analyst Euromonitor International predicting growth of $1.4 trillion from 2022-2025. As the e-commerce space becomes more competitive and consumers become more demanding, you’ll need a carrier who can grow and scale with your business. Connect with an AxleHire logistics expert to find out how we can help with your end-to-end logistics strategy.