Why Brands Shouldn’t Forget the Last Mile During Peak Season

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Dec 12, 2023

Why Brands Shouldn’t Forget the Last Mile During Peak Season

Getting the last mile delivery right is critical to eCommerce success, and never more so than during peak season when a missed delivery might ruin a customer’s holiday plans. In a recent article, Supply Chain Dive took a deep dive into the elements necessary for successful last mile delivery, particularly during the holiday season.

One critical element for success is communication. That begins at checkout, informing customers when to expect their deliveries and reminding them that winter weather can impact delivery plans. Once a package is on its way, transparency is critical. Shippers need the flexibility to communicate status by the customer’s preferred medium (email, SMS, etc.), and customers should be able to see the status of their packages at any time. 

This area is where tech-forward last mile delivery providers like AxleHire can provide a competitive advantage, with technology that gives retailers and their customers the transparency to see where their packages are from warehouse to customer doorstep. Advanced driver tools allow drivers to communicate in real-time with dispatch and even the end customer to resolve delivery issues and boost on-time delivery rates.

It’s important to remember that a failed delivery reflects on you - your customer won’t remember that it was UPS, FedEx, or some regional carrier that failed—but they will remember that the package they purchased from you didn’t arrive as promised, and that could negatively impact brand loyalty and future purchases.

To find out how AxleHire leverages proprietary technology to boost on-time performance and provide a transparent experience for you and your customers during the holiday period and throughout the year, take a moment to connect with one of our logistics professionals.