Five Things E-Commerce Sellers Should Do To Provide A Quality Delivery Experience

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Aug 08, 2022

Five Things E-Commerce Sellers Should Do To Provide A Quality Delivery Experience

The online purchase experience doesn’t end when your customer presses the ‘buy’ button. It extends all the way to your customer’s doorstep and the last-mile delivery. Customers expect their packages to arrive at the right place at the right time, every timeno hassles and definitely no excuses.

As e-commerce volumes grow by double digits year over year, the challenge of providing a consistent high-quality delivery experience also grows. Your brand reputation is at stake with each package that leaves your warehouse. What can you do to help ensure a quality delivery experience for your customers? 

In an article for Forbes, AxleHire CEO Adam Bryant shares five ideas for up-leveling your customers’ delivery experience.



A critical factor in promoting your brand through the delivery experience is your carrier’s technology. Legacy carriers are often locked into legacy technology stacks that were designed to support a B2B business model and processes that are 10 to 20 years old or more. By contrast, new tech-based carriers like AxleHire started with a clean sheet and built technology from the ground up to solve the challenges specific to e-commerce residential delivery. 

AxleHire technology leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to resolve potential issues before a package leaves our warehouse resulting in fewer undeliverable returns. Proprietary routing technology matches parcel demand to a scalable supply of drivers and vehicles to ensure efficient utilization and keep costs down. Dashboards and customizable messaging provide full transparency for you and your customer every step of the way. And it all integrates seamlessly with leading shipping software platforms.

To find out more about how AxleHire can help you protect and promote your brand through last-mile delivery, contact one of our logistics professionals.