Going Deep into the Delivery Experience

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Dec 12, 2023

Going Deep into the Delivery Experience

For years, customers, brands, and delivery partners have sought to emulate the gold standard that is Amazon Prime’s last-mile fulfillment service. In 2024, they will look for ways to surpass the Amazon experience from both the shipper and shopper perspective. That’s the view of AxleHire CEO Raj Ramanan, who sat down recently for an interview with Streetfightmag.com.

In Raj’s view, the primary challenges for last-mile delivery providers in 2024, “are centered on the customer experience: ensuring on-time delivery rates; providing open and transparent communication with the customer, along with tracking capabilities throughout the delivery process; and keeping delivery costs in check.”

Tech-driven last-mile providers like AxleHire can provide shippers with much more granular dashboards, notifications, and other features for tracking packages and optimizing costs. New advanced algorithms can help resolve difficult-to-deliver addresses and improve first-attempt delivery success. Dynamic routing algorithms can provide much tighter delivery windows for consumers, improving on-time delivery rates and end-customer experience in the process.

According to Raj, “Amazon may have ushered in the standard for ‘fast and free deliveries’ with the launch of Amazon Prime memberships, but that was nearly two decades ago. Many brands are meeting—and exceeding—customer expectations when it comes to their shipping strategies with the help of last-mile delivery solutions. By embracing a multi-carrier strategy, brands are able to scale their delivery efforts, improving the overall delivery experience while simultaneously decreasing delivery costs.”

Raj has much more to say on various topics, from sustainability to “the unboxing experience” to battling porch pirates. You can catch all of these insights in the interview.

To find out how you can join companies like American Eagle, Hello Fresh, and Nespresso to achieve a 99+% on-time delivery rate with improved delivery times and increased customer satisfaction—without having to increase delivery costs—take a moment to connect with one of AxleHire’s logistics professionals.