The Last Mile Looms Large as Q4 Approaches

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Aug 08, 2023

The Last Mile Looms Large as Q4 Approaches

Shipping and delivery should be top of mind for retailers preparing for Q4 and peak holiday sales. With more than 80% of customers willing to walk away from a brand based on a lousy delivery experience and 60% likely to remain loyal to retailers that are open and honest about delivery costs and timing, last mile delivery could play an oversized role in generating customer loyalty and posting wins this holiday season.

AxleHire CEO Raj Ramanan sees shipping as a differentiator in a crowded online retail environment. “Shipping has become a critical component of the customer experience, and consumers today are making purchase decisions based on shipping costs and delivery windows. Consumer expectations for shipping are higher than ever.”

Raj believes retailers should implement a multi-carrier strategy to ensure they receive competitive pricing from carriers. Regional carriers do not have the same sunk costs in overhead and fixed assets as national carriers, allowing for competitive and flexible pricing. But carrier diversification isn’t just about cost. According to Deloitte, brands that diversify their carrier mix with non-legacy carriers can also “support growth and service performance.”

Along with carrier diversification, Raj has some additional insights for retailers preparing for Q4 that you can find in this article from Street Fight Daily.

One of the benefits of a tech-forward, crowdsourced provider like AxleHire is the ability to spin up new capacity and new business quickly. As we head into Q4, AxleHire is ready to help you spin up new capacity and boost service levels in your most strategic urban markets, providing next-day and same-day delivery at rates comparable to national carriers’ ground rates. You can connect with an AxleHire logistics professional today to find out more.