Overcoming Challenges Facing Legacy Logistics Companies

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May 05, 2023

Overcoming Challenges Facing Legacy Logistics Companies

Legacy logistics companies are legacy companies because they've found a level of success doing what they're doing. Existing practices are proven, safe, and have paid the bills up to this point. But those practices were built for B2B business and may need to be revised to the challenges and complexity inherent in B2C residential e-commerce delivery.

Legacy carriers face challenges as they compete against increased demand, growing consumer expectations, and increased competition from insurgent last-mile providers. AxleHire CEO Adam Bryant shares his thoughts on those challenges and how they could change the face of last-mile logistics in this piece for Forbes.



Change introduces risk, and it can be hard to justify risking current revenue streams when you're already making money. Organizational inertia makes it hard to steer the ship in a new direction, even by a few degrees, because there is so much invested in the core revenue machine currently driving the business. But resisting change also introduces risk, opening the door for new competitors with new business models to begin chipping away at market share.

Meeting the changing needs of e-commerce and the logistics marketplace comes with challenges for legacy carriers. Where they meet those challenges, they will continue to flourish, but you can also expect that they will lag in some areas, opening the door a little wider for a new generation of last-mile carriers.

For more information on how a new generation like AxleHire can help you meet the challenges of e-commerce delivery, contact one of our logistics professionals.