Seven Questions (and Responses) You Need to Ask Before Partnering with a Last Mile Delivery Provider

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Oct 10, 2023

Seven Questions (and Responses) You Need to Ask Before Partnering with a Last Mile Delivery Provider

One of the more interesting by-products of the UPS labor dispute earlier this year has been the elevation of the concept of carrier diversification. While analysts like Deloitte have been touting the use of non-legacy carriers to “support growth and service performance” for a while now, the UPS situation has forced brands — and any business that relies on national carriers — to reconsider their shipping strategy by considering a multi-carrier approach. 

It might not come as a surprise, then, that regional carriers like AxleHire are the fastest-growing segment in last mile delivery. AxleHire CEO Raj Ramanan recently provided details and advice on this trend in a piece for Retail TouchPoints.

Raj advises, “In the large urban markets where most customers live, regional carriers that provide last-mile delivery services often are better equipped to provide faster turnaround times, higher on-time delivery rates and more personalized service than national carriers — all at a price point comparable to the national carriers’ ground rates.” 

If you’re considering a multi-carrier strategy, Raj has seven questions you should ask before partnering with a last-mile delivery provider, starting with the obvious, “How fast and reliable is the shipping service?” Raj provides a detailed take on the questions you should ask and the responses you should be looking for. 

Raj concludes that, “As an ecommerce business, you can get everything right — from the product selection, cost, customer service and ordering process — but if the delivery is subpar, the customer will not be happy. That’s why it is crucial to explore your shipping options going forward. The potential benefits of diversifying your carrier mix can pay off in multiple ways, from the costs you save on shipping to the repeat business you’ll earn from loyal customers who will become your biggest brand advocates.”

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