The Significance Of Pilots In A Rapidly Changing Business World

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Jun 06, 2022

The Significance Of Pilots In A Rapidly Changing Business World

AxleHire has engaged in several pilot programs to improve business capabilities and reduce the carbon footprint of our last-mile deliveries. We always learn something new; some pilots have scaled to become a permanent part of our business.

In this article for Forbes, AxleHire CEO Adam Bryant shares some insightful thoughts on how piloting new ideas can provide valuable guidance to the future direction of your business and on the mindset and structure needed to get the most value from pilot ventures. 

“With the right resources, pilots can be an excellent low-risk, high-reward tool for organizations looking to disrupt an industry. Pilots allow businesses to experiment with a potential solution and continuously adapt it to create a new, scalable option. With the low risks of pilots, a company can be comfortable taking an unconventional approach and challenging a company’s leaders to think bigger in terms of pathways to success.”



One of the most significant pilots for AxleHire has been working with alternative delivery vehicles in urban “emission-free delivery zones.” Zero-emission alternative vehicles leverage renewable energy sources to deliver packages over the last mile with no carbon footprint. These projects have continued beyond the pilot phase and are now a part of our day-to-day operations.

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