Final-Mile Shipping Challenges, Tech Solutions During Peak Season

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Dec 12, 2022

Final-Mile Shipping Challenges, Tech Solutions During Peak Season

Thanksgiving weekend in 2022 set records for both in-store traffic and online sales. While no one knows for sure what will happen in 2023, given the steady growth in e-commerce, retailers should be prepared to scale their shipping operations for the holiday season.

Surging online holiday sales create a potential challenge, especially for SMB retailers who might not have the resources to compete with the large-scale dedicated logistics solutions available to retail giants like Amazon, Walmart, or Target. 

The sale isn’t over when the online consumer hits the buy button. Your brand’s reputation and your ability to bring customers back for repeat purchases are directly dependent on you and your delivery partner’s ability to execute a flawless delivery. That’s especially true during the holiday season when accuracy and speed are doubly important.

AxleHire’s VP of Sales and Client Success, David Packee, shares his thoughts for retailers looking to compete during the holiday season in this short video and article on Market Scale.



AxleHire leverages a purpose-built technology platform and a flexible operations model that allows us to rapidly scale to meet your peak season demands. Let one of our dedicated logistics experts explain how AxleHire can help you delight your customers this coming holiday season. You can start that conversation here.