Today’s Last-Mile Delivery Must-Haves

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Aug 08, 2022

Today’s Last-Mile Delivery Must-Haves

Media coverage of technology in the logistics industry tends to focus on the shiny objects that grab your attention and cause you to click on the link—things like drones, autonomous vehicles, or electrified anything. Not that long ago, tech media was abuzz with stories about autonomous vehicles delivering cheeseburgers and lattes on college campuses, drones delivering things like medications to remote locations, and what that all could mean for the future of delivery. It turns out that, at least for the time being, those are niche technologies better suited to Star Wars than to widespread application in last-mile delivery.

The truth about state-of-the-art delivery technology is a little less captivating. On the surface, there’s nothing that appears more low-tech than a human jumping out of a transit van or a Honda Civic and running to your front door to drop off a package. However, the technology enabling and optimizing that delivery can be a massive differentiator among delivery carriers.



The best last-mile carriers are pushing the boundaries of data modeling, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence capabilities to optimize routing based on demand, reduce the carbon footprint of delivery, and develop predictive models that identify and resolve potential errors to reduce the number of non-deliverable returns.

Technology that produces more reliable and efficient deliveries is a must-have for successful last-mile delivery. AxleHire CEO Adam Bryant discusses the technology and other must-haves for meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations in this recent piece for Supply Chain Brain.

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