Beyond the Cart: Top Trends Shaping the Delivery Experience

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Jan 01, 2024

Beyond the Cart: Top Trends Shaping the Delivery Experience

As e-Commerce continues to grow, consumer expectations for low-cost, simple, fast, and reliable delivery continue to grow. Retailers recognize that the delivery experience can significantly impact brand loyalty — and few things are as detrimental to a customer relationship as a poor delivery experience.

As we move into 2024, AxleHire CEO Raj Ramanan believes several trends will shape the delivery experience for consumers in 2024 and beyond. Raj discusses those trends in a new post for Total Retail.

One key trend to keep an eye on moving forward is the diversification of the carrier mix by a growing number of e-Commerce sellers. This trend toward diversification accelerated in 2023 as brands anxiously watched the UPS contract negotiations unfold in real time. Fortunately, the strike was averted. However, the tenuous situation left many e-Commerce brand managers and logistics teams rethinking their delivery processes and leaning into a multi-carrier delivery strategy that included regional last-mile delivery providers. 

Raj believes this trend will continue going forward. Deloitte agrees, identifying a diversified carrier mix that leverages regional last-mile delivery solutions to support growth and improve service performance. Delivery providers who can leverage technology that allows brands to communicate directly with consumers and provide real-time tracking throughout the delivery process will give the seller a distinct advantage in the marketplace. 

In the months ahead, forward-thinking brands will focus on the delivery experience and its strategic importance in building brand loyalty. To learn how a tech-enabled last-mile provider can help you gain a competitive advantage in a crowded market, take a moment to connect with one of our logistics professionals.

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