LP - Case Study - Leading Dog Food Company Easily Supports Growth with Flexible Last-Mile Deliveries (1)

Does your regional or national delivery provider accommodate your need for flexible capacity and competitive pricing? 

Learn about how this pet food company was able to ensure superior deliveries during periods of massive growth.

LP - Case Study - Leading Dog Food Company Easily Supports Growth with Flexible Last-Mile Deliveries (2)

Fresh Pet Food Delivery Challenges

Fresh pet food delivery services have become increasingly popular, as people look for a convenient solution to provide high-quality nutrition for their pets. Some subscription-based brands ship fresh pet foods and supplies right to consumers doorsteps on their schedule and at a cadence that suits their pets needs. 

To ensure the freshness of the food, pet food delivery services typically use insulated packaging and ice packs to keep food at the proper temperature during transit. So, it is critical that deliveries are made to the customers' doorsteps on time and without issue. After all, a missed delivery or delay with perishable pet food products can mean a loss of hundreds of dollars in product loss, as well as an unhappy (or lost) customer who does not have the necessary meals for their pets. Especially for pets on specialty diets, going to the store for something quick in a pinch is not an option.

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Fresh Pet Food Delivery Company 

Pet food and supplies brands need to get their deliveries to customers without issue, but also need flexibility as they grow enjoy:

  • Consistent pricing, without surcharges
  • Fast and reliable on-time deliveries
  • Flexibility for surge capacities 
  • Real-time delivery updates

The fresh dog food company offers a preservative-free alternative to highly processed, burnt brown balls being marketed as “natural” and “healthy.” Organic brand growth and demand for its products led to an increase in orders, subscribers and thus delivery capacity. However, the brand needed a delivery partner who could scale up as quickly as possible, without disruption.

AxleHire's ability to consistently provide on-time delivery, a better delivery experience with real-time SMS text updates, and great flexibility are all winners for the company and its customers.”

- Logistics Manager


In the case study, learn how the leading dog food company was able to:

Offer their customers reliable, on-time delivery

Absorb last-minute volume with no volume caps

Collect a delivery signature and valid ID check

Provide delivery confirmations in real-time

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