Leading meal-kit company Sunbasket selected AxleHire over national carriers to deliver direct-to-consumer meal kits with superior speed, tracking, and cost.

Learn more about how subscription boxes, meal kits, and high-value specialty foods brands can improve the customer experience and their bottom line.



In the case study, learn how Sunbasket was able to:

  • Adjust orders in real-time
  • Absorb last-minute volume with no volume caps
  • Accept late injection times, up to midnight 

Download the case study to see how Sunbasket improved speed, tracking, and cost with superior last-mile deliveries, providing a differentiated delivery experience for its customers. 


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Perishable Food Deliveries Require Special Attention

Meal kit companies need to get their meals to customers week in and week out without issue, but also need flexibility as they grow.

Meal kit companies send customers fresh and ready-made meals, delivered directly to customers' doors, on their schedule, typically on a weekly or bi-weekly cadence.

Meal kit deliveries offer a unique set of challenges compared to other deliveries. To ensure the freshness of the ingredients, meal kit companies typically use insulated packaging and gel packs to keep food at the proper temperature during transit. So, it is critical that deliveries are made to the customers' doorsteps on time and without issue. After all, a missed delivery or delay with perishable food products can mean a loss of hundreds of dollars in product loss, as well as an unhappy customer who does not have their prepared meals for the week.


Meal Kit Companies Require a Modern Delivery Partner

Meal kit companies, like Sunbasket, need a shipping partner who can provide: 

  • Consistent pricing, without surcharges
  • Fast and reliable deliveries
  • More modern delivery experience for their customers 

Sunbasket previously utilized national delivery carriers for their needs, however they found that the carriers did not have the track and trace capabilities for every supply chain step. The healthy and organic meal kit company also sought a new, flexible delivery provider who could handle order surges with minimal notice and would not charge them an arm and a leg for deliveries. 

"AxleHire’s flexibility combined with their ability to provide excellent customer service and 99% OTD is why we consider AxleHire a great shipping partner."

- Sr. Logistics Manager, Sunbasket