Do you need a delivery provider who knows how to do alcohol deliveries?

Do you need a delivery provider who knows how to do alcohol deliveries?

Learn how this alcohol delivery company was able to ensure successful alcohol deliveries with ID checks and delivery confirmations.

The Challenges of Alcohol Delivery

With the growth of online shopping and deliveries, home alcohol delivery has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, there are many considerations related to home alcohol delivery that must be taken into consideration on the part of the brand and its delivery partner, including:

  • Breakable and fragile nature of the packages
  • Proof of minimum age required for recipients
  • An adult signature required, so packages cannot be left on a porch like a standard delivery
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Alcohol packaging, whether it is glass, plastic, paper-based, or aluminum, is delicate in nature and requires additional precautions to ensure it reaches the costumes doorstep without being dented, damaged, or broken. These precautions include not tossing the delivery boxes and ensuring they stay right-side up throughout the entire delivery journey. This is not something that all carriers have the capabilities to do.

Alcohol delivery is also subject to certain legal restrictions, such as requiring an adult aged 21 years or older to sign for the package to avoid underage children obtaining the packages or porch pirates stealing the package from the recipient. 

A new breed of alcohol delivery providers

Online alcohol providers, like TapRm, are a new breed of alcohol providers that pride themselves on being industry game changers. They need a shipping partner who can provide:

  • Permitting and tools to enable alcohol deliveries
  • Signatures and delivery confirmations
  • Real-time customer communications
TapRm needed a delivery partner who can provide reliable, same-day delivery. Additionally, due to regulations with alcohol deliveries, they required a delivery partner who had proper permitting, as well as tools to enable successful alcohol deliveries, including signature collection, valid identification checks, and delivery confirmations.

"Seeing AxleHire's [last-mile] tracking and delivery confirmations and communication to the customer was what ultimately made the decision for us."

- Head of E-Commerce, TapRm


In the case study, learn how
TapRm was able to:

Take and deliver late same-day orders

Absorb last-minute volume with no volume caps

Collect a delivery signature and valid ID check

Provide delivery confirmations in real-time

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AxleHire can deliver alcohol in 21 of the top 25 U.S. metro areas, and counting.

AxleHire can deliver alcohol in 19 of the top 25 U.S. metro areas, and counting.