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Last-Mile Logistics: The Quick Guide to Peak Season Prep

Key considerations for your peak season delivery strategy

LP - Epaper - Last-Mile Logistics The Quick Guide to Peak Season Prep

Peak Season Challenges with Traditional Carriers

During the upcoming Peak Season, online shoppers will demand fast deliveries for free or low costs. However, if you’re using a traditional carrier like UPS or FedEx, for same-, next-, or two-day delivery rates can be 2-3 times the rate for ground shipping. Add in any number of Peak Season surcharges, and deliveries get expensive in a minute. Not to mention adding in fuel and residential surcharges, too.

But brands have been wary of transitioning to a modern delivery provider, especially for Peak Season, due to concerns including: 

  • Same-, next-, and two-day deliveries are expensive
  • Ability to deliver at scale or accept capacity surges
  • Perceived difficulties of working with a new carrier

These misconceptions are preventing brands from diversifying their carrier strategy or moving to another carrier altogether. But it's time to reconsider in time for Peak Season.

Many modern last-mile delivery carriers have new technologies that help, not hurt, their ability to provide fast deliveries at affordable prices, sometimes at close-to-ground rates. Furthermore, that same technology that supports fast deliveries often scales easily too. Plus, some modern delivery providers, including AxleHire, have built their platforms to provide the most efficient warehouse-to-doorstep experience for not only the customer but the brand.


Peak Season 2023 

With Peak Season 2023 just around the corner, combined with a lot of recent disruptions in the logistics industry, nothing will curb consumers’ expectations for fast and reliable deliveries. No matter what, brands will still need to provide their online customers with:  

  • Efficient and fast deliveries
  • A great delivery experience, including real-time tracking and communications
  • Sustainable deliveries without giving up speed or convenience
AxleHire, a modern, tech-enabled delivery provider, has developed fast, efficient last-mile delivery services with e-commerce consumers' high expectations in mind. To ensure brands can provide the superior package delivery experience customers demand during Peak Season, here is Peak Season ePaper to download.

Emerging models like independent couriers, crowd-shipping services,  and autonomous  delivery can be layered into traditional methods to support growth and service performance.”  

–Deloitte, Digital Commerce  Transformation  

In the Peak Season ePaper, learn how you can provide:

Fast, efficient deliveries without adding costs or seasonal surcharges

Real-time tracking including SMS communications

Proof of deliveries, and more…

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AxleHire can deliver for name brands in 21 of the top 25 U.S. metro areas, and counting.

AxleHire can deliver in 19 of the top 25 U.S. metro areas, and counting.