What is the impact of a late or bad delivery?

Download this free ePaper "Extending Your Brand to The Customers’ Doorstep" to learn tips on how to mitigate the impact of late or bad deliveries on your brand. It discusses what you can do to ensure a quality delivery experience for your customers, while keeping costs down.


Extending Your Brand to The Customers’ Doorstep ebook

This ePaper dives into the following:

  • The impact of late or bad deliveries
  • How to deliver a differentiated delivery experience for your customers
  • How technology optimizes delivery strategy
  • How to deliver sustainability

Download the ePaper to learn how to extend your brand experience straight to the consumer's doorstep.

Download the free ePaper

Doorstep Delivery as a Brand Strategy ePaper

Like it or not, Customers Associate a Delivery Experience With the Brand

Doorstep delivery is the final touchpoint with the customer and the last opportunity to leave a positive or negative impression from an eCommerce sale. 

Customers Have High Expectations from eCommerce Brands

eCommerce brands are in competition with the convenience, reliability, and fast shipping provided by Amazon. And, they will choose to become a loyal customer (or not) depending on if you can deliver on customer expectations:

  • Fast deliveries
  • Reliable on-time deliveries
  • Real-time delivery updates

“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.”

- Roy H. Williams
Author of the Wizard of Ads trilogy