Wondering How Zero-Emissions Last-Mile Deliveries Work for Cities?

Learn how this is achieved in this sustainable fireside chat recording.

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  • Brands can achieve sustainable deliveries, even in congested cities

  • How to achieve sustainable deliveries and meet consumer demand for fast shipping

  • How to reduce carbon emissions
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How Zero-Emissions Last Mile Deliveries Work for Cities
Sustainable Fireside Chat Recording  How Zero-Emissions Last Mile Deliveries Work for Cities

Lower Emission Cities Are Possible

Innovating ways to keep up with consumer demand in a world where we expect our online purchases to be on our doorstep the next day while reducing environmental impact is key to slowing global warming. But how?

 Urban, last-mile deliveries is the key to keep up with consumer next-/same-day demands while reducing environmental impact is key to slowing global warming.

View this lively 45-minute fireside chat with private sector, government, and academia panelists who have already proven through urban pilot programs that lowering or eliminating emissions in cities is possible today using new last-mile delivery technologies and approaches.

Learn how some forward-thinking private sector, government, and academic panelists have already proven that cities can lower or eliminate emissions in cities today.

Panel experts and innovators include AxleHire, BrightDrop, LA Cleantech Incubator, URB-E, and Tortoise, and moderated by Anne Goodchild, founding director, Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Center (and professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington). 

The Sustainable Fireside Chat Panelists include:

  • Adam Bryant, AxleHire
  • Bob Tiderington, BrightDrop
  • Mike Noe, LA Cleantech Incubator (LACI)
  • Charles Jolley, URB-E
  • Dmitry Shevenko, Tortoise
  • Moderated by Anne Goodchild



Anne Goodchild, Founding director, Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Center (and professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington)

Dr. Anne Goodchild leads the University of Washington's academic and research efforts in the area of supply chain, logistics, and freight transportation. She serves as Founding Director of both the Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics online Master's degree program and the Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Center, the latter which launched the Urban Freight Lab (UFL) in 2016 to bring together the public and private sectors to address the challenges of the urban freight system by engaging in innovative research.


Adam Bryant


Adam brings a clear vision of how last-mile logistics can be transformed by technology and a proven track record of scaling operations within transportation businesses. Adam joined AxleHire from Eclipse Ventures, where he served as an Investment Partner. Prior to investing, Adam held senior leadership positions in Finance, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Customer Programs at Tesla, Proterra, and GE Aviation.


Bob Tiderington

Head of Business
Development & Partnerships – BrightDrop

Bob is responsible for creating a variety of business opportunities that will contribute to and benefit BrightDrop’s business growth. He was previously responsible for developing GM’s urban mobility strategy on the company’s Urban Active Solutions team.  Throughout his work with urban mobility, Tiderington has developed a personal mission to help build Detroit as the “mobility” city where a variety of unique and convenient mobility solutions can enhance peoples’ lives.


Mike Noe

Pilots Manager –
LA Cleantech Incubator (LACI)

Mike leads the team that developed the first-in-the-nation Zero Emissions Delivery Zone (ZEDZ) established in Santa Monica, CA, which launched in 2021. After graduating from Virginia Tech, he served 20 years in the US Air Force as an airborne electronic warfare officer (EWO) flying combat and peacetime missions on the Rivet Joint reconnaissance aircraft.


Charles Jolley


Charles oversees the company’s mission to make last-mile delivery clean, sustainable, and scalable. A repeat founder and CEO, he has built multiple companies, including two sold to Facebook and one to Apple. During his time at Apple, he helped launch iCloud. While at Facebook, he ran both the Facebook Platform and Facebook for Android. Currently based in Manhattan Beach, he is an active angel investor and venture partner with the leading tech incubator in London, Entrepreneur First. 



Dmitry Shevenko

Cofounder and President – Tortoise

He also serves on the Board of Directors of Payfare. He previously was Director of Business Development at Uber where he led Mobility & Driver Partnerships. He was also an adviser to mobility companies including SpotHero, Remix (acq. Via), Skyryse, Ara, Superpedestrian (Link), and Codi. Earlier in his career, Mr. Shevelenko was a product and operations leader at Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pulse News during hypergrowth years.