5 Post-Pandemic Last-Mile Delivery Challenges and Solutions for e-Commerce Companies

November 10, 2022

Top last-mile delivery solutions for e-commerce companies and retailers to employ when faced with post-pandemic last-mile delivery challenges

EMERYVILLE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2022 — AxleHire, providing e-commerce companies with expedited, urban, same- and next-day deliveries, has compiled the top last-mile delivery solutions for e-commerce companies and retailers to employ when faced with post-pandemic last-mile delivery challenges.

1. Integrating Technology Systems
Integrating a new last-mile strategy requires significant time to ensure established systems and new technology will play nicely together and will provide a seamless transition. Planning is key here, including making a list of all of all technologies that may need to be integrated, as well as APIs in place to allow the applications to exchange information across systems.

2. Attracting and Retaining Drivers
The labor shortage in the logistics industry has only become more challenging, as the demand for e-commerce climbs. AxleHire attracts and retains talent by offering flexibility and efficiencies like a reliable schedule and the most efficient driving routes.

3. Integrating Operations from the Get Go
Adding a new carrier to the mix can cause even the most well-run companies to falter with their logistics if everyone isn’t on the same page and day-to-day operations aren’t laid out transparently from the beginning. Ensure a successful initial kick-off by getting everyone on board and creating a streamlined process that will bode well for the future.

4. Customer Communications
Today’s consumers want to know where their packages are as soon as they purchase from a store or website. A last-mile delivery partner should help to ensure that customer communication is seamlessly integrated into a company’s website or app to provide no gaps in communications from purchase to delivery with real-time updates and photo proof of delivery.

5. Faster Deliveries
According to Deloitte’s 2022 Holiday Survey, 15% of consumers want faster deliveries, up from last year, and more online customers want same-day deliveries. Of course, e-commerce customers still want their packages delivered as quickly as possible, but there’s a limit to what they are willing to pay for same- and next-day deliveries. Utilizing a delivery provider that is able to provide same- and next-day deliveries at a reasonable rate is the solution to find a balance between speed and cost. National carriers are positioned to provide affordable same- and next-day deliveries, but they will pile on holiday surcharges. This is where diversifying carriers can come in.

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