7 Things Every E-Commerce Company Should Consider Today When Choosing a Last-Mile Delivery Provider

October 12, 2021

EMERYVILLE, CA – Last-mile delivery service provider AxleHire, has put together a list of seven things e-commerce shippers should consider when choosing a last-mile carrier. Especially those e-commerce companies that need flexible, agile next-day delivery and same-day delivery services that meet today’s e-commerce consumer demands.

The rapid growth of e-commerce combined with higher than ever consumer expectations around last-mile delivery has made it clear that brand loyalty relies heavily on consistent OTD rates, efficient and sustainable delivery methods, and a better overall delivery experience.

To ensure e-commerce shippers can provide such a modern-day delivery experience, below are seven must-haves to consider when contracting a last-mile logistics carrier.

#1. Fast, reliable delivery times without adding costs

A carrier like AxleHire, who can locate their sortation centers nearer to end customers, will provide faster delivery times due to less mileage covered. Additionally, if a carrier utilizes micro hubs, they enable drivers to drive shorter distances to pick up and replenish orders.

#2. Real-time tracking and communications

Last-mile carriers with real-time tracking and messaging via app or SMS that seamlessly integrate into a shipper’s existing app enables real-time communication with customers. In addition, real-time communications free consumers from wondering where their package is and when it will be delivered—eliminating the back and forth between the customer and the shipping company when a package needs to be located or rerouted.

#3. Flexible, last-minute capacity changes

Partnering with a flexible last-mile logistics provider who has the technology to scale (up or down) based on varying day-to-day demand allows shippers to keep up with consumer expectations while adapting on the fly.

#4. Peak season capacity availability

Many national and regional carriers have turned down peak season volume much earlier in the year than previous years, citing capacity constraints related to their rigid, fixed operations. Therefore, finding a carrier who can quickly spin up operations is crucial in a carrier’s ability to absorb unforeseen demand increases without adding costs.

#5. Delivering 7 days a week

Most carriers do not offer 7-days-a-week last-mile delivery. An extra day a week can make a big difference in getting more packages to more customers faster and meeting their same-/next-day expectations. Choosing a last-mile carrier that operates seven days a week can optimize the opportunity for late-hour insertions for either same-day delivery or next-day delivery.

#6. Sustainable delivery practices

Choosing to work with last-mile logistics providers that utilize sustainable practices is the first step in mitigating delivery inefficiencies that consume fuel and increase negative environmental impact. For example, by aggregating packages to create denser delivery routes via dynamic routing (more packages delivered in fewer vehicles), a carrier can significantly reduce miles traveled and the associated costs. In addition, utilizing electric or alternative fuel vehicles, where available, also mitigates environmental impact.

#7. Offering both same- and next-day deliveries

Typically, most shippers engage a traditional last-mile carrier to handle their next-day deliveries. However, carriers that can seamlessly provide both next-day and same-day deliveries enable e-commerce shippers to give customers another delivery option.

Choosing a more modern, tech-forward regional carrier that understands the needs and demands of today’s e-commerce customers goes a long way in driving e-commerce consumer satisfaction and creating brand loyalty.

About AxleHire

AxleHire combines innovative technology and superior logistics to deliver cost-effective, reliable same- and next-day delivery services to industry leaders such as HelloFresh, Deliverr, Freshly, Pet Food Express, and more. AxleHire was purpose-built to support companies whose businesses rely on trusted and consistent delivery services to get their customers what they need when they need it. In addition, AxleHire has multiple locations in cities across the U.S., enabling high-volume shippers to cater to their customers’ needs and growing expectations.