Top 7 Ways eCommerce Brands Can Ensure a Quality Delivery Experience

November 29, 2022

Here are our top seven ways eCommerce brands can ensure a quality delivery experience for their customers.

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2022 — AxleHire, providing e-commerce companies with expedited, urban, same- and next-day deliveries, has compiled the top seven ways eCommerce brands can ensure a quality delivery experience for their customers.

1. Thoughtful, Conscientious Drivers
With AxleHire, drivers choose which routes they’ll drive based on availability, earnings potential, delivery windows, and personal preference. When the driver decides their route upfront, they’re more engaged and more likely to make the extra effort in hard-to-deliver locations.

2. Right Operational Processes and Technology in Place
There are two critical elements to producing successful delivery consistency. The first is having the right operational processes and technology in place to put the correct number of drivers in the right type of vehicles with optimized capacity and routing each day. Brands need coordination and communication between the driver, dispatch, the shipper, and the customer in real time to sort out day of delivery issues.

3. Extending Brands to the Customer’s Doorstep
The delivery box or polybag has an eCommerce brand’s name on it. The top priority is accurate and on-time delivery—the right package to the right door at the right time. Keeping errors low and on-time delivery high is key to providing full value for eCommerce customers.

4. Tracking Transparency and Real-Time Updates
ECommerce brands need to know what is happening with packages in real-time to be able to quickly take immediate action to resolve any exceptions and issues that present themselves.

5. Delivery as a Brand Experience
The flexibility of last-mile logistics partners can allow eCommerce brands to personalize the delivery experience and inspire brand loyalty. This includes a hassle-free delivery experience for the consumer, which includes special instructions that may (or may not) have been followed.

6. Risk Mitigation for Shipping Peaks and Valleys
Last-mile logistics partners like AxleHire can give eCommerce brands the flexibility they need to support the scale necessary for peak season peaks, consumption spikes and dips, and longer-term top-line growth.

7. Flexibility to Adapt to Changing Expectations
Carriers should offer brands the flexibility to accommodate processes and systems in place, such as supporting a preferred solution for managing exceptions and returns or offering re-routing in real-time.

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