9 Ways E-Commerce Companies Can Provide a Better Doorstep Delivery Experience

November 18, 2022

Simple tips e-commerce companies and retailers can implement to provide a superior delivery experience for their customers

EMERYVILLE, CA, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2022 — AxleHire, providing e-commerce companies with expedited, urban, same- and next-day deliveries, has compiled a list of simple tips e-commerce companies and retailers can implement to provide a superior delivery experience for their customers.

1. Shipping costs
The most common reason for abandonment is shipping costs. Standard ground shipping does not match consumer expectations for speed while the costs normally associated with 2nd day or next-day residential delivery are out of sync with consumer expectations of free or low-cost shipping. One option to bridge the gap is to seek out alternative regional carriers who can provide 2-day or next-day delivery at or near ground rates in urban areas.

2. Clean, Damage-Free Packaging
On-doorstep first impressions matter and customers notice if the package is sturdy enough to withstand the inevitable bumps and bounces of handling, sorting, transporting, and delivery or if it looks banged and dented. Brands’ packaging is an opportunity to make a statement about the brand and a good first impression on the doorstep.

3. Special Instructions are Followed
Executing on special instructions can be critical to meeting customer expectations. Brands can earn bonus points with customers if the carrier is flexible enough to support adding special instructions or even changing delivery locations while the package is in transit.

4. Branded Tracking Page and Live Updates
Most carriers provide some form of tracking, either through links or tracking apps. A few can show customers the exact location of their package when it’s out for delivery, but some require customers to download a carrier app or pay for a delivery subscription to get that level of visibility. It should come standard, and even better is if the carrier can give brands the ability to create their own branded tracking page so that they can communicate status directly with their customers.

5. Custom Messaging
At a minimum, carriers should provide SMS messaging capabilities for events such as “package shipped” or “package delivered.” But the real power in messaging comes when the carrier’s technology is advanced enough to allow brands to compose their own branded and personalized customer messages rather than using the carrier’s stock messages.

6. Direct Communications
SMS messaging becomes even more powerful when drivers can communicate directly with the brand or the customer to resolve delivery issues, but this is beyond the tech capabilities of many carriers. A simple SMS message to the customer could be the difference between a successful delivery and an undeliverable return—if the carrier can support it.

7. Small Delivery Window
Modern routing technology should be able to provide a much more precise delivery window, especially once the package is out for delivery. Look for a carrier that can consistently provide a 2–4 hour window, which inspires confidence and provides consumers more flexibility to plan their day around an important delivery.

8. Photographic Proof of Delivery
An SMS message with photographic proof of delivery is the gold standard for last-mile carriers—ask the carrier to provide it.

9. Sustainability
Carriers are scrambling to appeal to consumers’ desires for carbon-reducing options and sustainability initiatives, but the payoff for many of these efforts is years or even decades away. Sellers should seek last-mile carriers that operationally make deliveries more sustainable today.

There is a difference between just getting a package delivered to a customer and getting it there in a way that differentiates brands from competitors and boosts the customer’s perception of the brand. Learn more in our latest blog post.

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