AxleHire CEO to Speak at Manifest 2024

January 30, 2024

In addition to exhibiting on the show floor, AxleHire CEO Raj Ramanan will join other industry leaders in a panel discussion about the ideal, consumer-centric fulfillment journey

EMERYVILLE, CA, January 30, 2024  – AxleHire, the expedited last-mile delivery service that helps companies meet and exceed customer expectations, will be exhibiting at Manifest this February 5-7 (Booth #302) in Las Vegas. AxleHire CEO Raj Ramanan will also participate in a panel discussion on February 7 titled “Shaping the Ideal Customer Journey with the Right Tools, Adaptable Tech and Strategic Partnerships.”

In an effort to cut costs, many retailers put their brand reputation at risk, relying on carriers with substandard on-time delivery rates of 85% to 95%. That means that up to 15% of the brand’s customers will be disappointed by the delivery experience and, therefore, less likely to become repeat customers. Not only is the brand’s reputation tarnished, but the lifetime customer value of these disappointed customers is greatly reduced, decreasing revenue. Fortunately, AxleHire has proven that brands no longer have to choose between affordable pricing and a superior doorstep delivery experience with an average 99% on-time delivery rate. 

During the panel discussion, AxleHire CEO Raj Ramanan and fellow industry leaders will explore the ideal fulfillment journey and how it might be attained through the right combination of cost-effective fulfillment centers, top-tier warehouse management solutions, and rapid, urban last-mile delivery services. 

How to connect with AxleHire at Manifest:

February 5 - 7 

  • Visit the AxleHire booth (#302) to learn how AxleHire can provide a premium doorstep delivery experience and an average on-time delivery rate of 99% at close-to-ground rates. (Hint: It involves a proprietary platform that leverages the latest technology – including AI – to drive efficiency and speed while containing costs. Bonus: It also makes deliveries more sustainable by reducing carbon emissions.)

February 7 (Wednesday) at 10:55 am in room #214-216

  • Attend the panel titled “Shaping the Ideal Customer Journey With the Right Tools, Adaptable Tech and Strategic Partnerships.” AxleHire CEO Raj Ramanan is one of the industry leaders participating in the discussion.

About AxleHire

AxleHire is an expedited, urban last-mile delivery service that helps brands meet and exceed customer expectations by providing a superior same- and next-day delivery experience. AxleHire leverages purpose-built technology and a gig driver fleet to drive transformative outcomes that catalyze customers’ brand growth. Logistics teams can now provide a differentiated delivery experience at a competitive cost, overcoming the limitations of legacy delivery providers. AxleHire operates in urban areas across the U.S., enabling high-volume shippers to consistently cater to the rising needs and expectations of their customers. For more information, please visit



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