AxleHire Reveals Effective Cost Containment Strategies for Ecommerce Brands

January 23, 2024

In its latest ePaper, AxleHire offers eCommerce businesses key tactics to help minimize last mile delivery costs.

EMERYVILLE, CA,  January 23, 2024  — AxleHire, an expedited, urban last-mile delivery provider, today announced the release of its latest ePaper for ecommerce brands: “​Three Steps Brands Can Take to Control Last Mile Delivery Costs.” Based on current national carrier shipping costs and surcharges, the ePaper offers insightful strategies for controlling last-mile delivery costs.  

Multiple national carriers announced price hikes in 2024, with some increasing shipping fees by as much as 5.9%. Meanwhile, consumer expectations around the delivery experience continue to rise, with many online shoppers demanding fast and free deliveries—industry reports show that 60% of consumers will abandon their cart if an online retailer fails to provide a free shipping option. 

AxleHire’s ePaper deeply delves into current market trends, analyzing national carrier surcharges. It sheds light on the spiraling shipping costs impacting ecommerce brands, and it includes impactful last-mile delivery strategies to help online retailers balance the consumer demand for free shipping with the seemingly never-ending increases in parcel delivery costs from national carriers. 

“I challenge brands to be careful about apples-to-apples last mile delivery pricing,” said Raj Ramanan, CEO of AxleHire. “Beware of the lack of transparency in the industry about surcharges.”

Download the free ePaper here.

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