How Late or Bad Deliveries Hurt Brands and What to Do About It

November 15, 2023

AxleHire ePaper quantifies the impact of late or bad deliveries and provides tips for driving brand loyalty through a differentiated delivery experience.

EMERYVILLE, CA,  November 15, 2023  —  AxleHire, an expedited, urban last-mile delivery provider, today released a new ePaper quantifying the impact of late or bad deliveries on e-Commerce brands.  The ePaper also provides helpful tips so brands can both differentiate themselves and drive brand loyalty through a  premium delivery experience. 

The  ePaper helps brand managers, customer experience (CX) leaders, and shipping and logistics experts understand:

  • The impact of late or bad deliveries on a brand’s reputation and brand loyalty;
  • How brands can differentiate themselves by providing a superior end-to-end customer experience that extends from online shopping to doorstep delivery;
  • How technology can optimize deliveries and improve the overall customer experience while still keeping  costs competitive; and, 
  • How deliveries can be made more environmentally sustainable while still meeting or exceeding customer expectations for speed, cost, and reliability.

“Customers want their orders shipped quickly, for free, and without any issues. However, it can be challenging for eCommerce brands to deliver on lofty customer expectations while keeping delivery costs down,” said Raj Ramanan, CEO of AxleHire. “Brands need optimized delivery strategies that improve service quality while controlling costs, the ability to closely monitor and track doorstep deliveries, and an overall delivery experience that delights customers and drives loyalty.” 

Download the ePaper here