AxleHire Releases ​Why Sustainable Last-Mile Deliveries Matter to Consumers ePaper

September 26, 2023

New ePaper provides e-Commerce businesses with information on the importance of sustainability to customers and steps to improve carbon-reducing efforts.

EMERYVILLE, CA,  September 26, 2023  — Sustainability matters to consumers, especially Gen Z and Millennial consumers, who make up the fastest-growing segment of e-Commerce purchasers. To help  e-Commerce brands navigate the complex state of sustainability in 2023, AxleHire, an expedited, urban last-mile delivery provider, has released a new ePaper “​Why Sustainable Last-Mile Deliveries Matter to Consumers.” 

The ePaper provides e-Commerce businesses with the key metrics behind why consumers are choosing brands that follow sustainable business practices, as well as considerations they need to know when formulating their sustainability strategy without electrification.

The ePaper dives into:

  • Are electric vehicles the answer to all of our last-mile delivery troubles?
  • The science behind carbon emissions and carbon footprint
  • The key sustainability challenges related to delivering to residential addresses
  • Easy solutions e-Commerce businesses can employ to ensure sustainable last-mile deliveries

“While they may be the end-game for sustainable last-mile deliveries, electric vehicles cannot realistically be the immediate answer to significantly impact the industry’s carbon footprint today,” said Adam Bryant, COO of AxleHire. “AxleHire provides e-Commerce brands with an alternative to the traditional hub-and-spoke delivery model today, providing a more dynamic approach that breaks bulk closer to the end customer and assigns routing, drivers, and vehicles based on daily demand, reducing high-carbon miles and optimizing delivery vehicle capacity utilization. In short, we improve the underlying technology and processes to help burn less fuel by eliminating unnecessary miles and unused capacity.”

Download the free ePaper here.

About AxleHire

AxleHire is an expedited, urban last-mile delivery service that helps brands meet and exceed customer expectations by providing a superior same- and next-day delivery experience. AxleHire leverages purpose-built technology and a gig driver fleet to drive transformative outcomes that catalyze customers’ brand growth. Logistics teams can now provide a differentiated delivery experience at a competitive cost, overcoming the limitations of legacy delivery providers. AxleHire operates in urban areas across the U.S., enabling high-volume shippers to consistently cater to the rising needs and expectations of their customers. For more information, please visit