Top 3 Myths About Modern Last-Mile Delivery Providers that Hurt Ecommerce Brands

July 25, 2023

EMERYVILLE, CA, July 25, 2023 – AxleHire, providing e-commerce companies with expedited, urban, same- and next-day deliveries, has compiled the top three myths about modern last-mile delivery providers that hurt ecommerce big brands. 

1.  “Delivery is fast, so it must be expensive”
When Using traditional legacy carriers, same- and next-day delivery rates can be 2-3 times the rate for ground shipping before adding in the surcharges for fuel, residential deliveries, and the peak season. Worst of all, the list of fees and surcharges seems to get a little longer each year. 

“Fast delivery doesn’t have to equal expensive delivery,” said AxleHire CEO Raj Ramanan. “For instance, AxleHire provides next-day delivery in 19 of the largest 25 U.S. metro areas at rates comparable to traditional carriers’ ground rates, for cost certainty for 362 days/per year.” 

2. “You can’t deliver at scale”
The ability to scale starts with a repeatable, consistent process. AxleHire leverages purpose-built proprietary data, software, and technology to deliver millions of packages each month for a growing list of customers, scaling in real-time. 

“AxleHire’s technology delivers the ability to anticipate all the unexpected variables that can occur between the warehouse and the customer’s doorstep,” said AxleHire CEO Raj Ramanan. “We empower all of our stakeholders—drivers, dispatchers, and recipients—to make the right decisions in the right moment, thousands of times per day. AxleHire’s proprietary dynamic routing algorithms allow us to route and assign resources daily based on demand, producing a more efficient and sustainable last-mile delivery experience.” 

3. “You might be hard to work with”
Some retailers have concerns about integration issues or a non-traditional carrier’s ability to provide complete warehouse-to-doorstep services. AxleHire’s tech platform is built from the ground up to provide the most efficient warehouse-to-doorstep experience possible. 

“AxleHire customers can connect to our platform using pre-built integrations offered by many industry-leading shipping platforms, or they can access our robust and easy-to-use set of APIs for more custom integration capabilities,” said AxleHire CEO Raj Ramanan. “Our partner network of providers manages the first- and middle-mile portion of the delivery, transporting shipments from the shippers’ warehouse to our sortation centers. Once shipments reach our sortation centers, we take over last-mile delivery services to ensure shipments reach their final destination on time.” 
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About AxleHire 
AxleHire is an expedited, urban last-mile delivery service that helps brands meet and exceed customer expectations by providing a superior same- and next-day delivery experience. AxleHire leverages purpose-built technology and a gig driver fleet to drive transformative outcomes that catalyze customers’ brand growth. Logistics teams can now provide a differentiated delivery experience at a competitive cost, overcoming the limitations of legacy delivery providers. AxleHire operates in urban areas across the U.S., enabling high-volume shippers to consistently cater to the rising needs and expectations of their customers. For more information, please visit