AxleHire™ Partners with X Delivery™ to Provide the Fastest, E-Commerce Delivery in the U.S., Serving Chicago First

December 8, 2021

Emeryville, CA, December 8, 2021– AxleHire, a logistics innovator for last-mile delivery, and X Delivery, a tech-driven shipping carrier for top-selling e-commerce brands, today announced that their current partnership now provides customers in Chicago the fastest, cross-country, e-commerce delivery experience in the U.S. Since June, AxleHire has been handling X Delivery client shipments going to the Chicago area with last-mile deliveries through air freight injected into their sortation center.

X Delivery connects high volume shippers with multiple unused warehouses, planes, trucks, sort-centers and last-mile carriers through their 100% tech-based shipping carrier solution. Using innovative technology, AxleHire provides same-day and next-day delivery with ongoing sortation at their Chicago facility. Packages leave the warehouse based on what time they enter, providing an Amazon-level of service that few carriers can provide.

“The operational excellence required in reshaping the logistics market towards asset-light providers such as X Delivery is only possible with detail-oriented, last-mile delivery partners like AxleHire,” said Paul Vinuelas, COO of X Delivery. “By partnering with AxleHire, our clients like BuiltBar, who have a strong demand in Chicago, are now able to expand their clientele with next- and same-day delivery.”

AxleHire currently handles 1,000s of parcels every week for X Delivery including Chicago, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area and has plans to expand their joint network in more markets across the U.S. where AxleHire currently operates.

“Delivery used to rank well below product selection, website navigation, and even check-out when it came to the e-commerce experience, but over the last couple of years and especially since the pandemic began, the customer delivery experience has risen to the top,” said Adam Bryant, CEO of AxleHire. “Because AxleHire and X Delivery are both asset-light, we’re able to provide a faster, more flexible service with competitive pricing.”

About AxleHire
AxleHire combines innovative technology and superior logistics to deliver cost-effective, reliable same and next-day delivery services to industry leaders such as HelloFresh, Deliverr, Freshly, Milkbar, and others. AxleHire was purpose-built to support companies whose businesses rely on trusted and consistent delivery services to get their customers what they need when they need it. AxleHire has multiple locations in cities across the U.S., enabling high-volume shippers to cater to the needs and growing expectations of their customers.

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About X Delivery
X Delivery™ connects high volume ecommerce brands to undiscovered nationwide shipping options. X Delivery streamlines the shipping process through technology, reliability, speed, and price. We leverage in-motion supply chain assets, from empty warehouses to local delivery services, and connect them to new technology. By connecting to our API, customers have access to multiple delivery options from anywhere in the country that out-of-the-box shipping tech platforms do not offer.

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