AxleHire and URB-E Expand Zero Emissions Last Mile Delivery Service to Los Angeles Region

January 26, 2022

The companies aim to take delivery trucks out of downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Glendale

Los Angeles, Calif., January 26, 2022 – The California-based leaders in scalable green last-mile delivery, AxleHire and URB-E, team up again to launch zero-emission delivery service on the west coast, following a successful expansion in New York City. The companies’ plan includes delivery routes to city-allocated, zero-emissions zones in Downtown Los Angeles, The City of Glendale, and Santa Monica.

“Last month, we launched with URB-E in Long Beach and we’re already seeing the benefits of sustainable last mile delivery with our combined innovations,” said AxleHire CEO Adam Bryant. Our infrastructure is established in Los Angeles, but what makes the partnership with URB-E exceptional is how we jointly learn and solve real world problems together. We’re on target to deliver thousands of packages per month in each city.”

It’s a fast acceleration of a plan to revolutionize cargo delivery using containers operating within a neighborhood microhub system. The initial pilot between AxleHire, a logistics innovator in microhubs, and URB-E, an e-cargo delivery platform, took place in August 2021 servicing deliveries from Brooklyn to Manhattan. It first deployed 10 vehicles moving 100 containers per week. By December 2021, the companies are deploying 50 URB-E vehicles moving anywhere from 300 to 500 containers per week in NYC.

“Our companies set out to build a scalable all-electric last mile delivery solution to replace the vans and trucks that choke up the streets of dense urban areas like the notorious traffic-heavy Los Angeles, and maintain a network that will meet the increased demands for delivery,” said URB-E CEO Charles Jolley. “AxleHire has been an excellent partner. We’re moving a lot of volume and doing it cheaper and cleaner than running gas-powered trucks.”

The URB-E containers will be packed at AxleHire’s distribution center and dropped off daily to neighborhood microhubs, eliminating the time trucks are on the road. URB-E vehicles can haul 800lbs of cargo and will be making deliveries to both residential and commercial addresses. The vehicle batteries are charged off-site at an URB-E facility and delivered daily, providing an additional benefit over electric cars and vans by deploying a safe energy infrastructure anywhere needed.

The system also features a full telematics solution to track packages, rider performance, battery life, and vehicle maintenance.

About AxleHire:
AxleHire combines innovative technology and superior logistics to deliver cost-effective, reliable same and next-day delivery services to industry leaders such as HelloFresh, Deliverr, Freshly, Milkbar, and others. AxleHire was purpose-built to support companies whose businesses rely on trusted and consistent delivery services to get their customers what they need when they need it. AxleHire has multiple locations in cities across the U.S., enabling high-volume shippers to cater to the needs and growing expectations of their customers.

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About URB-E:
URB-E is containerizing last-mile delivery to help make our cities run better. The containers save a massive amount of space in crowded urban centers and can be moved through city streets more quickly and economically, with less environmental impact, than other alternatives. URB-E has some of the world’s largest retailers and e-commerce companies as its clients. The venture-funded company is backed by UBS Group and headquartered in Los Angeles.

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