Three Steps Brands Can Take to Control Last Mile Delivery Costs

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Quick Guide Last-Mile Delivery Cost Containment

This ePaper on steps brands can take to control last-mile delivery costs dives into the following:

  • The spiraling costs of shipping
  • Tips to get shipping costs under control
  • Analysis of national carrier surcharges

Download the free ePaper to learn the easy steps other eCommerce brands utilize to control last-mile delivery costs.

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The greatest threat to the continued growth of ecommerce is the spiraling cost of shipping.

eCommerce Brands Grapple with Soaring Shipping Costs and Customer Expectations

The last leg of the delivery journey is a large cost for eCommerce brands. Gas for delivery trucks, paying workers, and vehicle maintenance all add up. Carriers pass those costs onto brands. When consumers want fast and free shipping, it adds more challenges and costs to eCommerce brands.

eCommerce brands can plan ahead to make sure they deliver orders on time without breaking the bank.

How eCommerce Brands Can Get Costs Under Control

Customers want free shipping, but how do retailers balance the consumer demand for free shipping with the seemingly never-ending increases in parcel delivery costs from national

“I challenge brands to be careful about apples-to-apples last mile delivery pricing. Beware of the lack of transparency in the industry about surcharges.”

- Raj Ramanan
CEO AxleHire