Traditional Carrier Disruption and Consumer Impacts

  • Minimums to get free shipping have already gone up and are likely to increase further.
  • Companies are now considering raising product prices to pass on the cost of shipping to consumers.
  • With increased shipping costs, consumers may end up shopping less, abandoning online shopping carts, or turning to brick-and-mortar retailers this holiday season.  

What brands may not realize is that many modern last-mile delivery carriers, like AxleHire, have technologies that help provide fast same-, next- and two-day deliveries at affordable prices, often at close-to-ground rates. Furthermore, that same technology that supports fast deliveries often scales easily too. Plus, some modern delivery providers have built their platforms to provide the most efficient warehouse-to-doorstep experience for not only the customer but the brand.


Why Brands Should Consider Diversifying Their Delivery Carrier Mix

It's clear that the close call with the UPS strike has brands rethinking their carrier strategies, but beyond UPS, many traditional carriers are also raising prices while their service continues to suffer. Here are the top three reasons to consider diversifying carriers:  

  • Cost 
  • Risk mitigation
  • Delivery performance
Unlike traditional carriers, modern, tech-enabled delivery providers have developed fast, efficient last-mile services with e-commerce consumers' high expectations in mind. To ensure you can continue to provide the superior package delivery experience customers demand, consider talking to our logistics expert about price and process today!

"Small regional carriers are the fastest growing sector in last-mile delivery."

- Emma Cosgrove, Business Insider


Talk to an AxleHire logistics expert and learn how your brand can enjoy:

Simplified pricing with no or few surcharges

Highly visible real-time, package tracking

Affordable pricing w/o compromising experience

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