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Achieving Sustainable Last-Mile Deliveries Without Electrification


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Why Sustainability Matters to e-Commerce Shoppers

Sustainability matters to e-Commerce shoppers for a variety of reasons, reflecting a growing awareness and concern for environmental, social, and economic issues. 

e-Commerce consumers understand that finite resources such as clean water, fossil fuels, and forests are being depleted, and sustainable practices can help preserve these resources for future generations. Sustainable practices can also contribute to long-term economic stability by reducing resource volatility, minimizing waste, and fostering innovation.

Sustainability aligns with the personal values of many consumers, who view their purchasing decisions as a way to express their commitment to environmental and social causes.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the role of their shopping habits in contributing to climate change. They want to reduce their carbon footprint (including CO2) and support products and companies that do the same. And they are more likely to be loyal to brands that share their values and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability matters to consumers, especially Gen Z and Millennial consumers, who make up the fastest-growing segment of e-Commerce purchasers.

Along with more sustainable products and packaging, consumers are asking e-Commerce retailers for more sustainable delivery options. Retailers in turn, are challenging last-mile carriers to provide more sustainable deliveries for their customers.

AxleHire’s model focuses on the utilization of existing capacity and is creating more sustainable last-mile deliveries today while creating a platform that will multiply those benefits as more efficient delivery vehicles become available and practical for tomorrow. 


Sustainable Last-Mile Deliveries

Sustainable package deliveries are likely to see further advancements and innovations as companies and consumers increasingly prioritize environmental and social responsibility. But no matter what happens or what shifts we see in the industry, e-Commerce shoppers still expect their packages:

  • To arrive quickly
  • To arrive at the correct location without issue
  • To have real-time tracking and communications
  • To be delivered with sustainable delivery practices in place

In this free ePaper, you can learn the key metrics behind why consumers are choosing brands that follow sustainable business practices.

“When sustainability is viewed as being a matter of survival for your business, I believe you can create massive change.”
Cameron Sinclair, CEO of the Worldchanging Institute

In this ePaper, you will learn:

Are electric vehicles the answer to all of our last-mile delivery troubles?

The science behind carbon emissions and carbon footprint

The key sustainability challenges related to delivering to residential addresses

Easy solutions E-commerce businesses can employ to ensure sustainable last-mile deliveries

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